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    Argentine tango party in San Francisco. All photos by Marcy Mendelson.

Salsa Night

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    Salsa Night at Little Baobab. All photos by Marcy Mendelson

The Rehearsal

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    Diamano Coura West African Dance Company rehearses in Oakland, California for the 2006 performance. All photos by Marcy Mendelson

The Rehearsal II

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    Dress rehearsal for the Diamano Coura West African Dance Company in Oakland, California. All photos by Marcy Mendelson

Carnaval Costumes

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    Costume Designer Jair Oliveira at work in his studio. Photos by Marcy Mendelson

La Feria Andalucia

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    Barcelona, Spain... Couples dance Sevillanas at La Feria. Photographs by Marcy Mendelson.

Romani Dance

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    Romani women dance Flamenco Puro in the streets of Italy. Photographs/ Copyright, Rana Halprin


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    Maisa Duke and her Energia do Samba dance troupe kick it up at a San Francisco nightclub. Photographs by Marcy Mendelson

Sambistas Part II

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    Maisa, Vanessa, Ingrid and Serena of Energia do Samba dance in San Francisco at Mangarosa Restaurant. Photographs by Marcy Mendelson

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To read some more opinions about the Vanity Fair photo spread and article go here:
and here:


a proper headdress, not unlike that one in the shot with luiza brunet can be found in rio de janeiro, saara neighborhood, at a wonderful store that has ALL the carnaval gear your heart can dream of, called casa turuna. the only caveat: you must speak portugues to get your point across ;o)


very well put! I personally did not like that most of the Brazilians that were featured were fair skinned which is such a false representation of what you would find in that country. I was very disappointed.


I agree with Andrea. I flipped through the magazine in the airport, inspired of course by the cover, and couldn't even find the article ... since it looked like a typical fashion spread I'd missed it. It didn't look like anything I've seen from Carnival pics! I hope you sent this letter to them.


Oh yes indeed Vanity Fair has my letter. I hope they publish it!

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