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    Argentine tango party in San Francisco. All photos by Marcy Mendelson.

Salsa Night

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    Salsa Night at Little Baobab. All photos by Marcy Mendelson

The Rehearsal

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    Diamano Coura West African Dance Company rehearses in Oakland, California for the 2006 performance. All photos by Marcy Mendelson

The Rehearsal II

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    Dress rehearsal for the Diamano Coura West African Dance Company in Oakland, California. All photos by Marcy Mendelson

Carnaval Costumes

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    Costume Designer Jair Oliveira at work in his studio. Photos by Marcy Mendelson

La Feria Andalucia

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    Barcelona, Spain... Couples dance Sevillanas at La Feria. Photographs by Marcy Mendelson.

Romani Dance

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    Romani women dance Flamenco Puro in the streets of Italy. Photographs/ Copyright, Rana Halprin


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    Maisa Duke and her Energia do Samba dance troupe kick it up at a San Francisco nightclub. Photographs by Marcy Mendelson

Sambistas Part II

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    Maisa, Vanessa, Ingrid and Serena of Energia do Samba dance in San Francisco at Mangarosa Restaurant. Photographs by Marcy Mendelson

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Thank you!!!

Lotus Blossom

This was a fun read. I literally laughed out loud (had to contain myeslf though, because I am at work, procrastinating as it is) when she describes smacking the Asian lady in the face, but not feeling so badly as karma allocated it's payback when said Asian lady stepped on her foot. But I also FELT for her when she said this line:

"I realized then that so much of dancing is about having fun, letting loose, and feeling the music, not about stressing over getting it just right. "

Man I can empathize. I know what it's like, just getting in the way of yourself. Unable to just let everything go by in a haze because you are so consumed with perfection.

The author is human. And it was light, but it was deep as well. Good job! Hope you continue with your samba classes- and I hope you develop and conquer Bahia style, as well!!! :)


to dance in such an environment is a very good feeling.

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Good for you1 i really mean it. my husband says sport its the best activity to do when you stressed up.doesnt matter if you do it alone or in a crowded place. as long as you do it.just do it :)

Jordan 1

Some experts even think that tennis movements are interlinked with dance skills.


Samba is great, energetic, lots of fun. In any dance style there is always something new to learn , so just have fun with it!

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