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    Argentine tango party in San Francisco. All photos by Marcy Mendelson.

Salsa Night

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    Salsa Night at Little Baobab. All photos by Marcy Mendelson

The Rehearsal

  • L
    Diamano Coura West African Dance Company rehearses in Oakland, California for the 2006 performance. All photos by Marcy Mendelson

The Rehearsal II

  • Lsm
    Dress rehearsal for the Diamano Coura West African Dance Company in Oakland, California. All photos by Marcy Mendelson

Carnaval Costumes

  • Ism
    Costume Designer Jair Oliveira at work in his studio. Photos by Marcy Mendelson

La Feria Andalucia

  • 991
    Barcelona, Spain... Couples dance Sevillanas at La Feria. Photographs by Marcy Mendelson.

Romani Dance

  • Rhalprin2
    Romani women dance Flamenco Puro in the streets of Italy. Photographs/ Copyright, Rana Halprin


  • Sambashow3
    Maisa Duke and her Energia do Samba dance troupe kick it up at a San Francisco nightclub. Photographs by Marcy Mendelson

Sambistas Part II

  • __1_0161
    Maisa, Vanessa, Ingrid and Serena of Energia do Samba dance in San Francisco at Mangarosa Restaurant. Photographs by Marcy Mendelson

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anahata Katkin

Oh Fantastic! West Coast Salsa info - or any salsa info for that matter is very thrilling. Also I am looking for a way to go to Cuba for a dance intensive of some kind. Focusing primarily on salsa. Do you know of how to do this as an American? Any good ideas from anywhere would be swell. (and as far as Cuba classes- I don't speak spanish but I'm certainly willing to give it my best)

Sidney Weaverling

what a fun photo! thanks so much for posting it. i absoloutely adore vladimir (the male dancer in the photo with me) and love dancing with him. you really captured the spirit of our connection here. thank you!

let's stay in touch.

i'd like to invite you to come check out my classes sometime soon.

love the mag! you are awesome! looking forward to getting to know you better.



Thx! :)

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